Code of Conduct

Do not litter! Put your litter in a bag and dispose of it only at locations provided for such purpose!

Do not light fires and do not toss cigarette buts! Outdoor, especially during the summer heats, there is a high risk of starting a wildfire similar to the one from 2003, when two-thirds of the island were ravaged by fire.

Do not make noise! Noise disturbs and scares animals, disrupting their circadian rhythm. Besides, it disturbs the locals and other visitors in enjoying the silence and sounds of nature.

Do not disturb the animals – do not try to catch them, drive them off, chase them, kill them or hurt them in any manner!

Do not destroy the birds’ nests or other animal habitats!

Take away from Biševo only what you brought there, nice memories and photographs! Do not pick plants and do not damage the crops! If each visitor destroyed or picked one plant only, the consequences for ecological balance might be immense.

Do not bring or plant any plants or release any animals into the environment! Ecological balance of the island is fragile and any intervention could ruin it forever.

Move only in the areas and trails that are designated and intended for sightseeing – for your own safety, but also to keep the nature intact!

Follow the instructions on information panels and other marks!

Do not damage the cultural monuments and do not try to look for, dig out and take away the archaeological findings!

Keep dogs leashed during the entire stay on the island. Make sure you clean up after them!

Camping on the island is forbidden.

Pay special attention to the preservation of nature in the sea caves. In case you swim in the caves, never use the sunscreen!


Forbidden actions

Article 139 of the Environmental Protection Act lists the activities forbidden in the designated protected areas. Additional activities are forbidden or regulated by the concession agreements signed with the legal person organising the visits to the protected area. The Blue Cave and the Monk Seal Cave are such areas on Biševo island. It is not possible to visit the Blue Cave without a ticket, and the rules must be followed during the visit. The options for entering the Monk Seal Cave will soon be regulated. The tickets will be mandatory with the purpose of alleviating the pressure from the protected area.

The following actions are forbidden within the two monuments of nature:

  • using vessels, anchoring and/or mooring
  • disturbing wild species, catching them or taking them away from their natural habitat
  • damaging and/or destroying signs and/or information panels
    setting up information panels, advertising and/or other panels without permission
  • littering
  • fishing
  • using lighting equipment and lighting fires
  • bathing, swimming and diving (in the Blue Cave).

The rangers of the public institution Sea and Karst are in charge of the immediate protection of the island’s nature. They are authorised to demand identification documents from the visitors, to inspect their luggage and means of transportation. They are also authorised to impose fines at the scene of the offence in case of violating the rules established in the Environmental Protection Act. The rangers control whether the concession holders adhere to the conditions related to the environmental protection.

To obtain the permit to make recordings and photographs for commercial use please contact the Public institution Sea and Karst.