Biševo beaches

In addition to extraordinary speleological attractions, Biševo offers stunning beaches. Considering that its shoreline, stretching for 18 km, is mostly steep and inaccessible, towered by the high and threatening cliffs, only three out of the ten coves – Mezoporat, Salbunara and Porat – have small docks. Except by boat, the beaches can be reached by the path that extends across the island.


One of the most beautiful beaches is located in the Porat cove, on the western part of the island. It is a sandy beach that resembles paradise beaches from TV commercials. Despite its sandy bottom, the sea is exceptionally clear.

Take a break in the Porat cove and enjoy swimming in the pristine blue sea, or sunbathe at the gorgeous beach. A large part of the beach is shaded by a pine tree forest, while there is almost no wind at the beach because of its favourable location. There are a few bars next to the beach.


The beach in the Salbunara cove, called the Sarbunora by the locals, is located just north from Porat. It was named after the local expression for “sand” – sarbun. The exotic appearance of the sandy cove is credited to the layers of aeolian sand, a substrate suitable for several endangered and protected plant species. The Salbunara cove boasts a number of interesting geological forms, extinct molluscs from the age of dinosaurs, as well as lithified sandbanks built of millions of ammonites.


You can visit the small pebble beach in Mezoporat by the regular line from Komiža. It also serves as a starting point for visits to the Blue Cave.