Geodiversity and biodiversity

Biševo island is the home of two particularly interesting and attractive geological phenomena, the Blue Cave in the Balun cove near Mezoporat and the Monk Seal Cave near Cape Biskup. Both have been protected as geomorphological monuments of nature in the middle of the 20th century. The Blue Cave is a well-known global phenomenon that attracts high numbers of visitors to Biševo with its light phenomenon and the natural beauty of its immediate surroundings. Most visitors also drop by to see the Monk Seal Cave, which used to be a habitat of the only Mediterranean seal, the monk seal it was named after. In order to preserve the natural features of the caves, the visitors can enter them only accompanied by the authorised personnel or the concession holder, adhering to the Code of Conduct. Starting from 2013, the terrestrial and the marine part of the island belong to the Natura 2000 ecological network, with the goal of preserving the island’s numerous habitats and species, implying the need to develop the island on sustainable basis. The Environmental Protection Act prescribes the protection of the strictly protected flora and fauna species, making the protection of nature of Biševo island multi-layered. Its implementation is monitored by the Public institution Sea and Karst.