Stražbenica – the highest point of Biševo

The summit of Stražbenica can be reached from Velo Gora settlement. The marked route is some 2 km long. It is steep and narrow, so caution is needed during the climb. We advise you to wear stable and firm footwear and bring enough water and sunscreen. During the climb, take a few occasional stops in order to enjoy the views of Biševo island, which expand as you climb. Once you reach the 239m top, you can see the cape Gatula, the endless open sea and, under very favourable weather conditions, Italy. To facilitate the orientation, there is a wind rose at the top, showing directions of Split, Komiža, Dubrovnik, Palagruža, Monte Gargano (Italy), Sveti Andrija, Brusnik, Jabuka and Venice (Italy). There is a number of information panels on the top, describing Biševo vegetation, the geology of the island, its coralligenous reefs, passage birds and the common bottlenose dolphin species. You can use the mounted binoculars to see the sights better.