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Biševo, an island of peace and purity, welcomes anyone who loves nature or who wants to take a break from the bustling city life. The island will give rise to feelings of freedom and enjoyment in the purity of nature. So, if you are tired of the routine and the everyday life, embark on a journey and tell the captain to take you to Biševo. Trust us, this island will give you the opportunity to enjoy something you love.

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How to reach us?

Main tourist attractions

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Things to do

Take a walk down the Geotrail

Biševo Geotrail will take you to the hidden spots of this unique island where geological phenomena meet Mediterranean vegetation.

Visit the Blue Cave and the Monk Seal Cave

The two Adriatic pearls are a must-see once you reach Biševo. The beauty of these unique natural phenomena is simply enchanting!

Find out something new in the Visitor Centre

Meet the past of the island and its plant and animal life. Browsing the multimedia, enjoy the sounds and the sights of the Mediterranean!

Dip into the sea at the Biševo beaches

A walk down the Geotrail will lead you to the three most famous Biševo beaches. Dive into the crystal blue sea at Porat, Mezoporat and Salbunara beaches!

Interesting facts