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Visitor Centre Modra špilja – Biševo – tourism based on nature, education and social responsibility

Designed to combine the natural diversity, exceptional karst phenomena, cultural heritage, economically rational resource management and modern ecology and tourism-related efforts, Visitor Centre Modra špilja – Biševo will contribute to the sustainable development of Biševo island.

Aware that Biševo island has so much more to offer besides the Blue Cave, Visitor Centre Modra špilja – Biševo encompasses the submarine, terrestrial and geological phenomena, integrating them with the rich history of the island and presenting them to visitors in a unique manner. Naturally, the primary goals are the preservation of all components of the ecological network of Biševo island and the sustainable development based on ecological, social and economy principles.

In addition to visiting the Blue Cave, which had so far been the only amenity available to visitors, they now have the opportunity to enjoy the following:

Stražbenica – the highest point of Biševo, 239 m high – Once you reach the top that towers the rocky grasslands, you can see the sea, the pelagic islands of the Vis archipelago, the nearby Komiža and, under the right weather conditions, all the way to Italy. The summit can now be reached by the hiking trail and it has a landing, binoculars and the wind rose.

Coastal artillery battery – the southernmost coastal artillery battery of the Adriatic Sea is located at the Cape Gatula. Recently renovated and illuminated, it offers shade and rest for visitors during summer heats, as well as a beautiful view of Kamik islet and the Monk Seal Cave. The landings are set in the cannon holes of the fortifications.

The Monk Seal Cave – the longest cave of the Adriatic Sea, 160 m long, used to be a home of the “morski covik”, the Mediterranean monk seal, after which it was named. The organised visits of the cave start soon, to be conducted in a manner as to preserve its natural values.

Beaches of the Biševo island – there are three beaches on the island. The two of them are sandy beaches, located at the west side of the island, Porat and Salbunara, while pebbled beach Mezoporat is located at the east.

Visitor Centre Modra špilja – Biševo featuring exhibitions and educational materials related to geology, flora and fauna of the island. A series of programmes will take place in the Centre, which also comprises a restaurant and a souvenir shop.

Biševo Geotrail – describes the geological origin of the Biševo island, the natural beauty, as well as the cultural and natural heritage of the inhabitants of this beautiful, exotic island. It stretches across the entire island with a total length of 19 km. The entire trail can be explored on foot and the largest part of it is also suitable for cycling.

The Visitor Centre (the offices and the conference room) is available for use to the civil society organisations, scientists and business subjects that devote their efforts towards nature conservation and sustainable development.

Partner organisations of the Visitor Centre Modra špilja – Biševo:

Public institution Sea and Karst

Tourist board of Komiža

Blue World Institute

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